GOLDWELL SYSTEM Structure Equalizer Hair Structure Corrector 150ml

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Détails du produit

150 ml.

Plus d'information

Goldwell Structure Equalizer hair structure corrector is suitable for all hair types. Goldwell equalizer prepares the hair for the colouring procedure.

  • Smooths any unevenness in hair structure
  • Prepares hair to take paint
  • Enhances pigment penetration
  • Ensures even product distribution
  • Gives predictable colourisation result

It contains an innovative polymer which evens out any bumps on the surface of the hair.

How to use: Spray on damp, towel-dried hair. Do not rinse.

Result: Smooth hair, ready for the colouring procedure.

We recommend the use of other products in the Goldwell System range, which let you personalise the colouring procedures according to the specific needs of the client.

Goldwell is a well-known, popular and highly trusted brand of professional products for hair colourisation, care and styling. "We think stylist" is the brand's motto which highlights the importance of taking into account the needs of hair stylists around the world and incorporating their passion in the brand's work. The policy of maintaining close relations with hairdressers has enabled Goldwell to be a leading brand on the hairdressing market for more than 50 years.