New SCHWARZKOPF BLONDE ME BLONDE WONDERS Dry hair shampoo in foam 300ml View larger

SCHWARZKOPF BLONDE ME BLONDE WONDERS Dry hair shampoo in foam 300ml

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Product typedry shampoos
Inhoud300 ml.

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Need a quick last-minute hair refresh? The sensational Blonde Me Blonde dry shampoo will help you Wonders from Schwarzkopf. This product not only instantly cleanses the strands and removes excess sebum , but also gives them elasticity and nourishes them. It also strengthens blonde locks, enveloping them with pleasant fragrance notes. Thanks to the 3D Bond Creation technology, it fills the gaps in the hair. It also protects strands from the harmful effects of external factors. Instantly improves the appearance of hair by adding volume, softness and shine. It also balances the pH level .

  •          It cleanses
  •          It adds elasticity
  •          Gives shine
  •          Increases the volume of strands
  •          Balances the pH
  •          It improves the appearance of the hair
  •          Protects the strands
  •          It envelops you with a pleasant scent

How to use: Put a portion of the product on your hands and spread it gently. Then apply evenly to the strands as well as the scalp and massage gently. Then comb the strands and do not rinse the cosmetic off.

Result: Instantly cleansed hair full of volume and shine.

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BlondMe line by Schwarzkopf offers hair care products in shades of blonde. The main task of these cosmetics is to maintain the proper condition of the strands and give them a wonderful, shiny color. A wide range of products for home and professional use makes it possible to carry out comprehensive hair care.

Schwarzkopf Professional is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the global market. It is present in 125 countries around the world. The brand presents a wide range of hair care, styling and coloring products. Everyone will find cosmetics tailored to the needs of their hair. Hairdressers will also supply their hairdressing salons with products necessary for their daily work.