NIOXIN STYLING 3D Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser 65ml View larger

NIOXIN STYLING 3D Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser 65ml

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Data sheet

Product typeShampoo
Inhoud65 ml.

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Dry shampoo from Nioxin for styling fine and thinning hair. Dry Cleanser allows to quickly refresh your hair without the need to rewash it. Like other Nioxin products, it is safe for thin and delicate strands. Does not stress it, but gives hair extra boldness and fullness.

  •          Absorbs sebum
  •          Immediately refreshes
  •          Doubles hair volume
  •          Thickens and lifts hair at the root
  •          Adds lightness and body
  •          Practical and easy to use

Fibril Fusion complex rich in tapioca starch and silica is an effective oil absorbent. It also thickens hair and adds lightness.

How to use: Shake before use. Spray on dry hair at the roots, dividing it into batches. Comb through and style as you like.

Results: Light and fresh hair with greater volume.

We recommend using in combination with other Nioxin products tailored to the needs of your hair, which will provide them with comprehensive protection against hair loss.

Nioxin is a brand of anti-hair loss products. Its founder, Eva Graham, struggled with the problem herself, which inspired her to learn more about the health of hair and scalp. Over the decades, Nioxin laboratories have developed comprehensive hair care repair systems that have won many industry awards and are helping customers around the world.