New AMERICAN CREW CLASSIC NEW DEFINING Defining paste for hair styling 85g View larger

AMERICAN CREW CLASSIC NEW DEFINING Defining paste for hair styling 85g

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Product typepastes
Inhoud85 gram

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Defining Past hair styling cosmetic provides natural, flexible fixation. It has the consistency of wax, which provides a very subtle, matte finish.

The paste has a similar consistency and effect to Fiber paste , but is much easier to use and spread over the hair. It is ideal for styling hair longer than 2 cm. Gives hair volume and texture. The content of beeswax ensures effective hair fixation. Moisturizing glycerin gives volume and density. Lanolin, on the other hand, provides fixation and slight shine. The paste spreads very easily and is easy to brush and wash.

  •          Designed for thin, delicate hair
  •          Provides a matte finish
  •          It has medium fixation power
  •          Gives volume and density
  •          The consistency of wax ensures easy application
  •          Suitable for hair with a length of at least 5 cm

How to use: For best results, rub the paste between your hands. Spread evenly on damp or dry hair, depending on your preference.

Result: A hairstyle full of volume with a matte finish.

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