New SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BLONDME Premium Oil Developer Hair oxidant 6% 1000ml View larger

SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL BLONDME Premium Oil Developer Hair oxidant 6% 1000ml

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Data sheet

Product typeoxidants
Inhoud1000 ml.

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An oxidant intended for use during hair coloring in a natural shade of blonde. It allows you to protect your hair from damage and ensure that it maintains its proper condition. In addition, it has less water in the mix, less dilution of dyes, alkaline substances and peroxide. The oxidant perfectly smoothes the hair structure, provides an optimal level of hydration and makes the lightening process gentler for the hair structure.

  •          Gives the hair a shiny color
  •          It protects the hair from damage
  •          It ensures the maintenance of the proper condition of the hair
  •          Maintains the proper level of hydration
  •          Perfectly smoothes hair
  •          Gives softness and shine
  •          Strengthens and prolongs the effect
  •          Created on the basis of an oily formula containing active ingredients
  •          It does not cause any risk of hair irritation
  •          Does not weaken the hair
  •          6%

The creamy oxidant was created on the basis of mineral oil with a high concentration of active ingredients. Less water, less dilution of dyes, alkaline substances and peroxide make the bleaching process gentler on the hair structure

How to use: The oxidant is mixed with brightening or coloring products from the BlondMe line in a 1:1 ratio. Depending on the amount of product needed, the mix may vary.

BlondMe coloring gives the hair shades of vibrant, radiant blonde with a smooth structure. Beautiful and durable color.

It is recommended to use the cream hair oxidant together with other cosmetics for blondes from the BlondeMe series .

BlondMe is a wide range of products recommended especially for blondes. Innovative technology guarantees effective hair protection, and the professional brightening and care collection will give you the opportunity to create the most desirable blondes .