New WELLA PROFESSIONALS SHINEFINITY Brush & Bowl Activator 2% 1000ml View larger

WELLA PROFESSIONALS SHINEFINITY Brush & Bowl Activator 2% 1000ml

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Data sheet

Product typeoxidants
Inhoud1000 ml.

More info

This is a product for use with Shinefinity Glaze . The cosmetic ensures a constant pH level thanks to the Balancing system Puffer pH . Perfect for performing precise color techniques . Shinefinity Glaze is used with Shinefinity Bottle Activator by applying a mixture from the bottle or Shinefinity Brush & Bowl Activator , which is applied to the hair with a brush.

  •          Facilitates the dyeing process
  •          Provides a constant pH level
  •          It allows you to perform precise coloring techniques

Usage: Blend Shinefinity Glaze of Shinefinity Bottle Activator (bottle application) or Shinefinity Brush & Bowl Activator (for brush application) in a 1: 1 ratio. This can be done in a cup or bottle with an applicator.

Result : Perfect hair color full of depth and shine.

Wella Professionals is a brand that has existed for over 135 years. From the very beginning, it has specialized in the production of cosmetics for the care, styling and coloring of hair. Its offer includes high-quality products for professional and home use. Advanced technologies used during production facilitate the application of cosmetics and make hair care simple, pleasant and effective.