Reduced price! MATRIX SOCOLOR BEAUTY Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1000ml View larger

MATRIX SOCOLOR BEAUTY Developer 3% (10 vol.) 1000ml

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Data sheet

Product typeoxidants
Inhoud1000 ml.

More info

Developer from the SoColor Beauty line is a stabilising lightening cream that works well for colouring any type of hair. It allows the colour to penetrate deep into the structure of the strands, enhancing the colouring effect. The developer is intended for professional use.

  •          Brightens by 1 level
  •          No dripping
  •          Creamy consistency
  •          Blends easily with hair colour
  •          Does not damage hair
  •          Covers grey strands

Developer contains hydrogen peroxide, therefore application should be carried out wearing protective gloves.

How to use: Mix the developer with the appropriate SoColor Beauty or SoRed hair colour in the right proportions (depending on the chosen colour). After a maximum of 40 minutes, rinse the product off. The holding time depends on the condition of the hair and the desired colouring effect.

Results: Well-groomed hair with intense colour

SoColor Beauty developers are designed for use with SoColor Beauty and SoRed hair colours.

The world-renowned professional hair care brand Matrix Professional offers products for the care and styling of all hair types. Product lines designed to colour hair not only give long-lasting, distinctive colour but also nourish hair to prevent damage.