Curl Control Mousse - 150 ml.

MOROCCANOIL - Curl Control Mousse | 150 ml.

Light mousse for curly hair, defines the curls and preserves them for many hours. The curls and waves are soft and smooth, hold a natural look by all weather conditions. The light mousse tames and hydrates the curls limiting the frizziness.

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150 ml.

Meer informatie

  • soft long lasting curls
  • natural look in spite of weather conditions
  • does not weigh hair down
  • defines and preserves curls
  • deeply moisturizes
  • prevents frizziness

Curly hair demands control without the risk of damage, for the best possible look. The mousse for curly hair is a light, intense formula rich in argan oil, that tames, defines and naturally preserves the curls for many hours. It has hydrating and anti-frizz properties.

Directions/ How to use:
Apply a generous amount on washed, towel dried hair. To strengthen the effect, gently form the hair with your hands, starting at the ends and lifting it at the base. Let dry. The mousse for curly hair can be applied to dry hair, throughout the day, according to needs. To emphasize and style the curls,  a curling iron can be used.

Result: The curls are smooth and preserved for many hours. The light mousse tames and moisturizes the curls, at the same time eliminating the frizziness.

For best results, due to the similar content and properties, it is recommended to use the mousse with other Moroccanoil line products.