Wella Professionals - OIL REFLECTIONS - Luminous Reveal Shampoo | 250 ml.

Hair shampoo with moisturising and shining properties intensifies shine and luminizes hair, providing the optimum moisture level. Its specially selected ingredients effectively protect hair’s lipid layer and fill in any gaps on its surface. Makes combing and styling hair easier It delicately cleanses hair of any impurities.

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Wella Professionals
250 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Richness of natural ingredients
  • Protects hair’s natural lipid layer
  • Fills in any gaps on hair surface
  • Makes combing and styling easier
  • Suitable for colour-treated hair
  • Makes hair smooth and intensely shiny
  • Deeply cleanses and moisturises

The combination of white tea extract and camellia oil, effectively protects hair from any surface damage.

How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage in. Rinse thoroughly, then delicately dry with a towel.

Result: Hair is deeply cleansed, moisturised, smooth and shiny. It becomes visibly more nourished and easier to comb.

We recommend using it with other complementary products from the Oil Reflections range.

Wella Professionals, international haircare range, offers salon professional products for every hair colour, type and condition. As a leading professional colour brand, Wella Professionals knows exactly the care hair needs to regain health, promote shine, vitality and for colour brilliance to look fabulous way beyond the day of colouration.

The Wella Oil Reflections range is designed for all hair types that require additional smoothing and regeneration.