CHI - Keratin Shampoo - Reconstructing Shampoo | 355 ml.

Shampoo for systematic use for dry and damaged hair. Its creamy texture makes How to use easy and guarantees a professional effect.

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Droog en beschadigd
355 ml.

Meer informatie

CHI Keratin is a line of professional products for hair care. It is intended for hair damaged by chemical treatment, mechanical damage or environmental factors. Hair becomes healthy, strong and visibly smooth. 

  •        Cleanses and regenerates over-dried hair
  •        Rebuilds a hair structure
  •        Closes hair cuticles which prevents its breaking and over-drying
  •        Strengthens hair and recovers good hair condition

This shampoo contains keratin complex which rebuilds damaged hair cuticles as well as extractions of argan and jojoba oil which ensure long-lasting gloss and smoothness.

How to use: Apply onto wet hair with finger tips, delicately rubbing the product in from hair roots up to its ends. Rinse and reapply if needed.

Effect: Healthy and smooth hair full of glow.

It is recommended to use this shampoo in combination with other products belonging to CHI Keratin series, mainly with keratin conditioner and mist.