Matrix - BIOLAGE - HydraSource - Shampoo | 250 ml.

Biolage Hydrasource shampoo is designed for dry and normal hair. It has an antiseptic impact on the scalp, gently cleanses and nourishes the hair, so it  becomes elastic and easy to style.

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Matrix Biolage
Te behandelen haartype(n)
250 ml.

Meer informatie

The formula enriched with extracts of lemongrass and sage make the hair becomes more soft, shiny and easy to style.
Algae extract helps restore hair's natural moisture levels.

How to use:

Apply  on damp hair, massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Reapply if needed.
To reach best effect, try other Hydrasource products.

Biolage is a brand derived from hair and cosmetics manufacturer, Matrix. It started out as a Matrix product line, but it stood out significantly from the others line so they decided to make it into a brand. Biolage is a vegan and ecological brand with its natural hair cosmetics, rich in plant ingredients, which contain mostly ingredients of natural origin. The production process strives for sustainability, lowering as much as possible its water consumption and garbage production. The company also limits the use of plastic and some of Biolage's packaging materials are recycled.