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L’Oréal Professionnel - SERIE EXPERT - POWERMIX - Sun-Kissed Blond Perfector | 15 ml.

Sun-Kissed Blonde Perfector Booster has been developed to care for warm blond hair shades with unwanted brassy tones. Sun-kissed Blonde Perfector can be mixed with Blondifier or Powermix masks. This product is recommended for in-salon use.

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15 ml.

Meer informatie

  •        Neutralises brassy, orange tones
  •        Enhances warm, honey hues
  •        Evens out hair colour
  •        Gives hair a glossy shine
  •        One-off treatment

It contains blue pigments that tone hair to neutralise colour, gradually giving it a warmer, lighter tone.

How to use: Depending on the needs, mix a portion of the booster with Blondifier mask or Powermix mask of your choice. Apply mixture to shampooed, damp, towel-dried hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: Sunny, warm, even hair tone.

To provide comprehensive hair care use in conjunction with other products in the Blondifier range.

L'Oreal Professionel is a world-famous brand of professional products for hairdressers, offering cosmetics for hair care and styling, as well as styling accessories. Serie Expert is a family of hair care products developed for all hair types. Different lines within the series handle a variety of hair problems, such as dryness, frizz, or weak cuticles.