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Schwarzkopf - BC Fibre Force Bonding Cream | 500 ml.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hairtherapy Fibre Force Bonding Cream is a treatment for very damaged, weakened and brittle hair that rebuilds the bundles inside the hair to strengthen them and prevent damage. It provides a healthy and vibrant look to even the most damaged hair, thanks to the high content of keratin, which perfectly moisturizes it.

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Schwarzkopf Professional
Te behandelen haartype(n)
Droog en beschadigd
500 ml.

Meer informatie

This product should be used prior to washing hair to intensify the active ingredients.

  • Reconstruction of damaged hair
  • Professional quality
  • Intended for hair damaged by chemical treatments
  • Restores the correct hair structure
  • Hair becomes 100% stronger
  • Hair regains healthy and beautiful look
  • 10 times greater resistance to breaking
  • Provides adequate moisture level
  • The hairstyle gains shine and silky softness
  • The result lasts for 24 washes

The BC Fibre Force cream creates internal bonds thanks to magnesium citrate and hydrolyzed keratin, which immediately take over the function of the disulfide bonds in the hair structure and fill the hair from the inside and outside. Optimal pH 4.5 coheses the structure for extremely strong hair. In addition, they form a protective shield, as after the lamination of the hair, which prolongs the effects of the salon service by sealing the sheath and closing the active ingredients inside the hair for long lasting results.

How to use: Mix 30ml of BC Fibre Force Strengthening Cream with one tube of BC Fibre Force Bond Connector Infusion in a small bowl. Apply on dry hair before using shampoo and distribute thoroughly throughout its entire length. Comb and wait 5-15 minutes, then rinse and wash your hair as usual.

Result: Reinforced, rebuilt, full of shine and healthy looking hair.

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