MAX FACTOR 2000 Calorie Mascara | 9 ml.

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascaradefines and brings character to your eyelashes. It does not matter if you want to look natural or achieve a more spectacular effect - thanks to this mascara you can lengthen, darken and volumize your lashes.

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Max Factor

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Elegance is timeless. This classic mascara has been the most popular choice of professionals for over 2 decades.

  • Tripled volume when compared to the natural size of your eyelashes
  • Perfect choice for those with sensitive eyes and wearing contact lenses
  • Unscented, water resistant and smudge-proof

How to use: Looking in the mirror, look down and apply the mascara with a brush moving to the sides and from the roots to tips of your lashes. Now look up and apply mascara to bottom lashes. Use a round tip of the brush to precisely coat the eyelashes and define them. Wait a little while before applying the second layer on the upper part of your lashes, otherwise they might get clumpy.

Never pump mascara with the brush - air that gets inside dries it out.

We recommend trying out other products from the same line to achieve the best result.

Max Factor is a popular line of cosmetics company from Procter & Gamble, founded in 1909. Discover Max Factor range of cosmetics from mascara, eye liner and eye shadow to foundation and lipstick. From everyday wear to spectacular one-off ideas - get the look you want with Max Factor!