L’Oréal Paris - Volume Million Lashes So Couture So Black Mascara

Ultra precise, soft brush helps you achieve lash by lash definition. It reaches every lash. Its stunning fragrance makes application very pleasant. Lashes are multiplied and enveloped in black.

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L'Oreal Paris

Meer informatie

  • Ultra precise brush
  • Long-lasting make up guarantee
  • Beautifully defined lashes
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Perfect lash separation
  • Builds defined look
  • No clumps
  • Increases volume
  • Makes lashes longer and thicker

Couture ultra precise brush separates lashes, achieving lash by lash effect enveloped in black. Its formula is based on silk, which delicately covers every lash, giving it spectacular volume.

How to use: Apply with swift left and right movements towards the tip. For more defined look, apply from root to tip to achieve maximum volume. For best result, do not allow the mascara to dry between extra layers.

Result: Lashes become longer, intensely black, thickened and voluminous.

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