CHI - LUXURY - Black Seed Oil - Curl Styling Gel | 147 ml.

The CHI Black Seed Oil styling gel has been designed for curly hair. CHI Black Seed Oil products are intended for daily use.

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147 ml.
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Meer informatie

  •          Moisturises and fortifies hair
  •          Provides delicate hold
  •          Underlines curl
  •          Creates even curls and waves
  •          Gives radiant shine
  •          Protects from frizz
  •          Increases resistance to external factors

Contains nigella oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which moisturises and repairs damaged hair, restoring its vitality and healthy appearance.

How to use: Apply a small amount of the cream on your hands and distribute evenly on damp hair to form desired waves or curls. Do not rinse. Leave hair to dry naturally or blow dry using a diffuser. It can also be used on dry hair to finish a hairstyle.

Result: Moisturised, gently styled and bouncy curls and waves. Protects hair from frizz.

It is recommended to use with the other CHI Luxury Black Seed Oil products to complement your daily hair care.

Farouk CHI is a brand owned by Farouk Systems, the manufacturer of the world-known BioSilk beauty products. The brand was named after its founder – the stylist Farouk Shami. CHI includes professional hair care, styling and colouring products as well as styling tools. The brand is distinguished by innovation – Farouk is leading in implementation of nanotechnology in the manufacturing process.