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OROFLUIDO Original Elixir - Dry, damaged, dyed hair | 100 ml.

The Elixir of silky consistency is absorbed quickly and does not weigh down hair. Does not leave a greasy film on hair. Can be used on both dry and damp hair, always with spectacular results. It contains three natural oils: argan, cypress and linseed. The delicate amber and vanilla scent will take you to the oriental world of fragrance and will awake your senses.

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100 ml.

Meer informatie

The Orofluido line is a serie of professional hair cosmetics for every hair type. Ensures incredible silkiness, smoothness and shine. Orofluido contains three natural organic oils in a subtle combination with a pleasant scent and silky consistency.

Application on damp hair:

• Reduces the time of hair drying
• Leaves hair light, silky and manageable
• Provides volume and movement to hair
• Strengthens hair's natural shine

Application on wet hai:

• Provides immediate shine     
• Protects against frizziness and facilitates combing
• Perfect finish

The Elixir contains three natural oils, rich in vitamin E argan oil and essential oils with high content of fatty acids effectively and noticeably strengthen hair and make it lustrous and silky soft. The cypress oil contains high fat acids and tocopherol that protect against free radicals. As a result hair is soft, its volume is visibly increased, hair is more manageable. The linseed oil seals and smothens hair cuticles, to provide more control. In effect, the light is reflected to make hair shine beautifully.

Directions/ How to use:
Select the right amoount of the Elixir depending on the thickness, length and type of hair. Apply a few drops to your hands, spread and apply evenly to hair on its entire length, up to the ends. Do not rinse.

Result: Hair is soft, shiny, disciplined and flexible.

For best results use the Elixir with other products from the Orofluido line.