ALFAPARF Equipment Stain Remover | 125 ml.

Gentle fluid to remove hair dye stains from skin.

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125 ml.

Meer informatie

ALFAPARF Milano is currently a leader in the field of professional haircare. It specializes in products and solutions that aim to care for the beauty of hair and body.
ALFAPARF Equipment offers a complete line of professional products designed to enhance the quality of hair colouring procedures.

Alfaparf Equipment Stain Remover is a professional fluid created to gently and thoroughly remove stains and residues from skin left after hair colouring treatments. Suitable for all skin types, also for delicate skin prone to redness. The product does not contain parabens, sulphates, paraffin, mineral oils or allergens, and therefore ensures fully natural care.

  •     gentle and thorough cleansing
  •     soothing and calming properties
  •     safe for skin
  •     ideal for delicate skin

The fluid is enriched with almond oil and therefore soothes skin, alleviates redness and irritations.

Directions/ How to use: 
Apply a small amount of the fluid on dry cotton pad and gently clean stained skin. Rinse off.

Result: Skin free from hair dye stains, without redness and irritations.

Recommended to use with other Alfaparf brand products.