Wella Professionals - FUSION - Intense Repair Conditioner | 1000 ml.

Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair conditioner is designed for care of damaged and brittle hair. The Wella Fusion range replenishes amino acid deficits in hair cuticles. As a result, hair becomes stronger and more resistant to damage, in particular chemical damage by hairdressing treatments.

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Wella Professionals
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Droog en beschadigd
1000 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Repairs weakened hair areas
  • Improves fibre’s elasticity and resistance
  • Smooths and untangles
  • Protects nails from mechanical damage

It contains silk amino acids, hair’s basic building ingredients, which maintain hair in good condition. Amino acids care for hair structure, which makes hair soft, smooth and strong.

How to use: Massage into damp hair that has been shampooed with Wella Fusion. Rinse thoroughly.

Result: Regenerated, strong, flexible and smooth hair.

To complement care, we recommend using other products from the Wella Fusion range at the same time.

Wella Professionals Fusion line is recommended for damaged hair prone to breakage. Is has been designed to repair, protect hair against breakage and damages. All products contain the Silkstell formula, which deeply penetrates into the hair, recovering hair fiber and preventing from future damages. Your hair will regain smoothness and elasticity.

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