Proraso White Sapone Shaving Soap in a Bowl | 150 ml.

The oats contained in the soap soothe and calm any irritation and hydrate the skin, and precious sweet almond oil softens the skin and improves its elasticity. Green tea extract and thyme have a strong purifying and antibacterial effect.

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Alleviating shaving soaps, with a pleasant scent and elegant, easy to open container – a bowl, are the basic item in every man’s cosmetic case. Gentle shaving soaps offered by the Italian Proraso brand perfectly soften facial hair and ensure very smooth shave. Properly composed ingredients dedicated for sensitive skin enable obtaining easy to spread foam, and the oats included in the soap soothe and alleviate any irritations as well as moisturize the skin. The soap is recommended for men with sensitive skin, who expect perfectly smooth skin after shaving and want to avoid troublesome irritations.

  • Deeply regenerates and hydrates epidermis
  • Free from harmful to skin substances
  • Easy and comfortable application
  • Thick foam perfectly prepares skin for smooth shaving
  • Softens facial hair and enables quicker shaving
  • Alleviates and soothes any irritations
  • Extends lifetime of shaving blades
  • Eliminates any  inconveniences of shaving
  • Recommended for those with sensitive skin
  • Softens and improves skin elasticity
  • Revitalizes and purifies

How to use: 

Apply a suitable amount of soap on a shaving brush or moistened fingertips and spread it over your face and neck with circular movements until foam creates. When using a brush, first soak the brush in warm water, and then before applying the cream flick off excess water from the brush. After shaving thoroughly rinse it with water and use an after shave balm of the Proraso brand.

Result: Brilliantly softens facial hair before shaving, leaving smooth and hydrated skin. Deeply cleanses and regenerates sensitive skin.

For a complete care use with other products from the white series.