Fanola - Colouring Cream | 100 ml.

Fanola Crema Colore Color Cream is recommended for hair of all types or lengths. It effectively covers grey strands. With low ammonia content, it provides safe and delicate colour treatment, without irritating skin.

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100 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Perfect cover
  • Neutralizes grey tones
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Provides optimum moisture level
  • Gives radiant shine and softness

It contains Ginko Biloba extract, rich in a wide range of bioactive substances like flavonoides, bioflavons and teprenes. It is a very effective suppressor of free radicals, which are harmful for hair and scalp. It restores the optimum moisture level of dry hair and cleanses it. This makes hair gain softness and shine.

How to use: Apply to dry and unwashed hair. Use non-metal bowls to create a mixture. Application time depends on hair's state and the desired effect.

Mix ratio: 1+1,5 - Superlightener ratio: 1+2

Result: Shiny, smooth and soft hair with distinct colour.

It is recommended to use with Fanola Perfumed Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Oxidant.