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ALFAPARF Solarium Sun Hair Illuminating protective oil is recommended for all hair types during and after the sun exposure. The oil protects the hair by cleansing them from salt and chlorine residue. It also protects against drying from harmful UV rays.

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125 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Creates a protective layer on the hair
  • Protects against the sun, chlorine and salt
  • Prevents from drying out
  • Protects against the colour fading
  • Gives the hair a natural shine

Alfaparf Solarium Sun Hair Illuminating protective oil contains three oils:

  1. Baobab oil, which is a natural antioxidant – protects the hair from free radicals during the sun exposure.
  2. Argan oil – intensively moisturizes and nourishes the hair.
  3. Jojoba oil – smooths and softens the hair.

The oil does not contain sulphates or parabens.

How to use: Shake the oil and spray on the hair before the sun exposure. Reapply several times also during the exposure to sunlight.

Result: Shiny, damage resistant and healthy looking hair.

We recommend using the other Alfaparf Solarium products to complement the care.

The Solarium range is dedicated for the hair protection during and after a sun exposure.

Alfaparf Milano is a leading Italian multinational manufacturer of professional, exclusive hair colour, hair care and styling products. The brand was found in 1980 by Roberto Franchina, who decided to invest in quality products to achieve a professional result for all hair types. Thanks to their properties, the Alfaparf products provides shine, softness and protect your hair colour.