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Fanola - No Orange - Shampoo | 1000 ml.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo neutralizes unwanted copper and orange undertones on brown hair. Fanola No Orange products are designed for colour-treated hair in dark shades. They are not suitable for bleached hair or hair with highlights.

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1000 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Gently washes and cleanses hair
  • Deeply moisturises and adds shine
  • Removes unwanted copper, red and orange undertones
  • Neutralizes hair colour
  • Does not leave stains on skin

The shampoo’s formula has been enriched with blue pigments, which neutralize unwanted, warm undertones, cooling hair’s shade. In addition, coconut oil moisturises hair, preventing brittleness, while algae extract softens and adds shine. Gardenia taitensis extract deeply nourishes hair.

How to use: Apply to wet hair and massage. Leave in for 1-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Then wash your hair again with a normal shampoo. Use protective glove during application.

Result: Nourished, shiny hair with even, cool shade.

We recommend using other Fanola products tailored to your hair's needs to complement care rituals.

FANOLA, an Italian successful brand, creates professional hairdressers’ products from hair dying and cleanse to hair care and beauty. Fanola concept is to produce the highest technology at the best possible price and give salons the best technical supportThere is a wide range of Fanola products and there is something for everyone. Try Fanola lines: Botugen, Oro Therapy, After Colour, T-Force, Curly Shine, Energy, Frequent, No Yellow, Nutricare, Purity, Rebalance, Sensi Therapy, Keraterm, Smooth Care and Volume.