Matrix - TOTAL RESULTS - High Amplify - Shampoo | 1000 ml.

The line of professional hair care products by Matrix offers a wide variety of products designed for a thorough regeneration of hair’s condition. Eight ranges of products provide the right choice of care depending on individual needs. The Total Results Amplify line allows to effectively increase the volume of thin hair.

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Te behandelen haartype(n)
1000 ml.

Meer informatie

The shampoo is designed for regular care of thin, weakened hair. It does not contain silicones, and therefore guarantees safe and natural care.

  • Regenerates and nourishes hair 
  • Ensures long lasting volume 
  • Lifts hair at the base
  • Provides light, full-bodied structure

The proteins contained have properties that strengthen fine hair structure, ensure resistance and vitality. As a result, hair looks stronger and is strengthened from the inside. In addition, D-Panthenol nourishes and restores the right level of moisture while providing lightness and lift at the base without overloading hair.

Directions/ How to use:
Apply evenly on wet hair from roots to ends. Massage gently. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed.

Result: Nourished, strong, light and full hair.

For a complete treatment, use with Matrix Total Results High Amplify Conditioner.