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Tigi Bed Head Men Clean Up SET Shampoo 750 ml + Conditioner 750 ml

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Meer informatie

Tigi Bed Head Men Clean Up Shampoo is a special, professional daily shampoo for men. It moisturizes hair, makes it shine and facilitates combing. Improves hair look and smooths it.Rich in sunflower seed oil, lemon grass and menthol which guarantee healthy hair growth and freshness. Sunflower seeds, saw palmetto and lemon grass extracts combined with menthol contribute to healthy hair growth.

  • Stimulates scalp
  • For daily care
  • Moisturises, refreshes, strengthens and cleanses

How to use: gently apply onto wet hair and scalp, massage into lather and then rinse thoroughly with water. Reapply if needed. In case of eye contact, instantly wash under clean running water.

Tigi Bed Head Men Clean Up Conditioner is perfect for everyday use. It has ginseng extract, proteins and natural peppermint which affects scalp and hair growth. Besides, it protects hair from environment’s bad influence.

Smell the mint freshness!

  • Active components
  • Hair roots stimulation
  • Revitalisation
  • Protection from outer factors
  • Product suitable for everyday use
  • Big bottle with dosing pump

How to use: gently apply the conditioner onto washed and towel dried hair, from roots to the ends, then leave for 2-3 min. Rinse thoroughly. In case of eye contact, wash instantly with clean running water.

Results: hair is clean, shine, moisturize and healthy.

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