BOOST POWDER - 10 gram
BOOST POWDER - 10 gram
BOOST POWDER - 10 gram
BOOST POWDER - 10 gram

American Crew - BOOST POWDER | 10 gr.

A powder created for men hair styling, suitable for every hair type. Thanks to the content of delicate ingredients, it provides safe hair care, while not weighing it down.

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American Crew
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10 gram

Meer informatie

  • Boosts hair from bases
  • Volumizes
  • Visually thickens hair
  • Gives a matte finishing

Consists of polypropylene glicol, which helps to keep optimal level of hair moisture and prevents its overdrying. Sylica Sylitate optically thickens hair diameter, which gives an impression of an amazing volume. Lemon acid refreshes and revitalizes.

How to use: Shake properly and spread a small amount in hands. Apply evenly on hair, especially on the areas near to hair roots.

Result: Boosted, fuller, thick hair with matte finishing.

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