FANOLA STYLING TOOLS Easy Curl - Curl defining cream | 250 ml.

Fanola Styling Tools Curl defining cream is recommended for naturally curly hair and hair after the permanent curling treatment. The cream emphasizes the curls and increases the hair structure and elasticity. The cream strengthens the shape and helps styling the curly hairstyle.

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250 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Defines curls and waves
  • Increases the elasticity
  • Strengthens the hairstyle shape
  • Adds a shine
  • Has thermo-protective properties

Fanola Styling Tools Curl defining cream is based on Thermo Technology formula. The product's properties are activated with the heat influence. Additionally, the hair is protected from damage caused by a high temperature using the styling tools such as a hairdryer, straightener or curling iron.

How to use: Distribute the cream on clean, damp hair. Create the curls with your hands and do not rinse. Allow the hair to dry naturally or dry them with a hairdryer with attached diffuser.

Result: Even, flexible, long lasting and thermo-protected curls.

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Fanola is an Italian brand of hair care, hair colouring and hair styling products. From the very beginning, the brand’s target has been to provide a wide range of professional products and technical support for hairdressing salons at affordable prices. The wide variety of Fanola portfolio guarantees that all clients will find suitable products tailored to their hair needs.