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L'ANZA HEALING - STYLE - Molding Paste | 200 ml.

L'anza modeling and styling paste Healing Style sensationally defines the hairstyle, while ensuring medium hold (6/10). It has a very light texture, and the innovative formula adds thickness and density to the strands.

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200 ml.

Meer informatie

Thanks Keratin Healing System ™ the product replenishes hair defects, regenerating them. On the other hand, the cactus extract affects the thermal protective properties of the paste (it protects the strands against temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius). The cosmetic contains nourishing and caring extracts from plants from rainforests. The product adds shine to the hair, guaranteeing a wonderful shine. It also protects them against UVA / UVB / UVC radiation. Contains extracts from rainforest plants.

  •          Facilitates styling
  •          Perpetuates
  •          Tames the strands
  •          It adds thickness to them
  •          Protects against solar radiation
  •          Protects against high temperatures
  •          Nourishes
  •          Regenerates
  •          Complements cavities

How to use: Apply a portion of the product to damp hair and style your hair.

Result: A perfectly styled, natural-looking, radiant and long-lasting hairstyle.

L'anza 's professional hair products to give your strands the best care.

L'anza has been using the most advanced technologies to create the highest quality, professional and extremely efficient hair care and coloring products - both permanent and semi-permanent. They contain many valuable ingredients: active and natural substances, as well as extracts from rainforest plants.