BLONDME - Developer (vol.40-12%) 1000 ml.

Schwarzkopf Professional - BLONDME - Premium Developer 12% / 40 Vol. - 1000 ml.

Hair developer designed for use during colour treatment of hair in natural blond shade. It helps protect hair from damage and maintain hair in optimum condition. In addition, it contains a smaller amount of water, lower dilution of colourings, alkaline and peroxide substances.

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Schwarzkopf Professional
1000 ml.

Meer informatie

Schwarzkopf Professional color products from the BlondMe range are a specialist solution for blonde hair, helping to achieve a perfect color with deep light highlights and shades. Thanks to a vast range of products everyone will find their own unique coloring option and shade.

It effectively smooths hair structure, giving it optimum moisture level and making the colour treatment more delicate. 12% developer is the strongest oxidizing emulsion used in oxidizing colour treatment. 

  • Designed for colour treatment of naturally blond hair.
  • Gives shine colour
  • Protects hair from damage
  • Maintains hair in good condition
  • Maintains optimum moisture level
  • Effectively smooths hair
  • Gives softness and shine
  • Strengthens and prolongs the effect of colour treatment
  • Based on oil formula that contains active ingredients
  • Does not irritate hair
  • Does not weaken hair
  • 12%

The cream developer has been created based on mineral oil with a high concentration of active ingredients It contains a smaller amount of water, lower dilution of colourings, alkaline and peroxide substances, which makes the bleaching process more delicate for hair structure.

How to use: Follow the manufacturer’s How to use on the packaging

Result: BlondMe colour treatment gives vivid shades of radiant blonde with a smooth structure. Beautiful and long-lasting colour.

We recommend using it with other products from BlondeMe range.