SHAPE CONTROL - Extra Firm Styling Mousse - 300 ml
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Wella Professionals - EIMI - SHAPE CONTROL - Extra Firm Styling Mousse | 300 ml.

Föhn je haar in elke willekeurig stijl met deze extra stevige stylingmousse. Speciale formule om uitdroging tegen te gaan tijdens het föhnen.

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500 ml.6 x 500 ml.

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Wella Professionals
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300 ml.

Meer informatie

Mousse for use in everyday home or professional styling, suitable for all hair types. Does not contain ingredients that add weight or stick hair.

  • Extreme hold of any hairstyle
  • Greater hair volume
  • Does not dry the hair
  • Hold level 4

With its light, innovative texture the mousse is easy and pleasant during application and does not stick hair, leaving it light and natural. Additionally, it contains a protective formula against the harmful effects of high temperature when heat styling.

How to use: Apply the mousse to damp hair and evenly distribute over its entire length. Dry the hair with a styling brush or by hand.

Result: Super strongly fixed, lush and moisturised hair.

It is recommended to combine the mousse with other products in the EIMI range, including Velvet Amplifier smoothing styling base and Texture Touch modelling clay.