LISAP ULTIMATE PLUS - M - Mask | 250 ml.

Lisap Ultimate Plus hair mask is a great way to deal with unruly and difficult to style hair. Many people struggle with this drawback and use a variety of styling cosmetics - pastes, gels, powders, varnishes, and the problem does not disappear. 

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250 ml.

Meer informatie

It is worth approaching it from a different angle and using a nourishing mask that will eliminate the problem from the inside! After the time of use, the offered cosmetic can really discipline the hair very well and facilitate its formation. It is suitable for all hair types.

  •          Smoothes
  •          Moisturizes
  •          Nourishes
  •          Fills cavities
  •          Facilitates stacking
  •          Perfect for all hair types

The product has a rich composition. It is primarily keratin that penetrates deeply into the hair fibers and repairs all defects or imperfections. To increase hydration and smoothing, macadamia oil was used with ceramides A2.

How to use: Apply a mask on washed, damp hair. You can use a comb or brush to distribute it well. After 10-15 minutes, rinse it with water.

Result: Disciplined and moisturized hair

Lisap is a professional brand that offers hairdressing cosmetics necessary for use in every hairdressing salon. A wide range of products allows for comprehensive hair care and protection. Lisap Ultimate is a hair styling product that allows you to effectively smooth and straighten your hair.