Kérastase - DISCIPLINE - Maskeratine | 500 ml.

The Kerastase Discipline hair disciplining mask is particularly suitable for hair damaged as a result of numerous styling treatments. Ideal for everyday use. The mask guarantees intensive care, facilitates combing and smoothes out hair. High concentration of lipid nutrients allows the product to thoroughly nourish and regenerate hair structure. Leaves hair soft and flexible.

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Droog en beschadigd
500 ml.

Meer informatie

The Kerastase Discipline products are professional hairstyling cosmetics developed to tame frizzy hair.  The cosmetics nourish and moisturize hair, preventing it from frizzing and curling.

  • Smoothes, moisturizes and regenerates hair
  • Facilitates hair styling
  • Prevents hair from frizzing and curling
  • Convenient texture
  • Shiny hair

The product was developed based on the Morpho-Keratine Complex technology, comprising of hair-strengthening amino acids and wheat protein derivatives, hair structure regenerating ceramides R and surface polymers reducing the frizziness.

How to use:

Apply the mask evenly and gently massage into hair. Leave for app. 5 minutes, foam with a small amount of water and rinse.

Result: Healthy, flexible and smooth hair.

It is recommended to use with other products from the Kerastase Discipline line, especially with the shampoo.