Fox Professional Basic Line BLACK Hairdressing Cape / 108 x 142 cm

FOX PROFESSIONAL is a polish hairstylist accessories brand. Among its offer, you will find all kind of equipment, both for salons and personal users. With 6 metal snaps.

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  • Professionele merken
  • Concurrerende prijzen
  • Verkoop alleen aan professionals
  • Efficiënt voorraadbeheer

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Meer informatie

This Basic Line cape which is fastened with 6 metal snaps will perform perfectly during haircut or hair colouring. It protects the customer’s clothing against staining or soiling. It is made of polyester and is antistatic, thus preventing static when providing hairdressing services.

  • Hairdressing cape fastened with snaps
  • Cape dimensions: 108 x 142 cm
  • Ensures high work comfort
  • Made of delicate polyester
  • Resistant to damage
  • Antistatic

The cape is made of high-quality polyester which ensures that hair freely slips on it.

How to use: Cover your customers with the cape when providing any hairdressing services.

Effect: Your customer’s body and clothing are protected in a comfortable way.