CHI - Infra Treatment | 350 ml.

Treatment for everyday care. Dedicated for every hair type, dyed and natural. Contains no irritating substances, ensuring balanced and delicate care.

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350 ml.

Meer informatie

  •        Strengthens hair and makes it more flexible
  •        Rebuilds a hair internal structure
  •        Moisturises and nourishes hair
  •        Protects hair and extends colour durability
  •        Protects against thermal damage

Contains Cationic Hydration Interlinks which owing to the generation of infrared cause deep penetration into internal hair structure and ensure balanced condition and moisture thanks to silk and amino-acids.

How to use: After washing your hair with CHI Infra shampoo, apply this product on hair and delicately spread with your hands. Leave in for 2-5 minutes and then rinse.

Effect: Strong, glossy and moisturised hair.

It is recommended to combine moisturising treatment with other products belonging to CHI Infra series, especially with a moisturising shampoo belonging to this line.

CHI Infra product line is intended for professional care aimed at maintaining proper moisture level of hair and scalp. With unique ingredients generating infrared, CHI products penetrate deeply into hair structure and help in maintaining a balance of moisture level and nourishment level, preparing hair professionally for further care.