Proraso Green Dopobarba Refreshing Aftershave lotion | 400 ml.

The use of after shave lotion is a tradition which is passed from generation to generation. Refreshing and toning after shave lotion is one of the most popular cosmetics in Italy and energises for the entire day. It has an exceptional fragrance which perfectly emphasizes masculine traits. The lotion is recommended for all skin types.

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  • Deeply cleanses and refreshes
  • Reduces any skin irritations
  • Beautiful fragrance
  • No. 1 in Italy
  • Effectively tones and refreshes
  • Enhances the feeling of freshness
  • Energises for the entire day

Refreshing menthol perfectly stimulates and energises for the entire day, and the beneficial witch hazel alleviates and soothes any skin irritations. Eucalyptus oil efficiently cleanses and tones.

Instructions for use:
Apply a small amount of lotion on your hand and carefully pat it on shaven places.

Result: The shaven skin is deeply cleansed and swathed with a wonderful fragrance.  The lotion enhances the feeling of freshness.

For a complete care use with other products from the green series.