Olivia Garden Fingerbrush MEDIUM / Nylon bristles only

The Olivia Garden Fingerbrush line includes professional brushes with a unique design. Pure nylon bristles massage the hair and the scalp and effectively comb both dry and wet hair.

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  • Professionele merken
  • Concurrerende prijzen
  • Verkoop alleen aan professionals
  • Efficiënt voorraadbeheer

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Olivia Garden

Meer informatie

Brush designed for use on dry or wet hair. Also suitable for hair massage. With its innovative shape, it not only styles, but also cares for hair.

  • Medium, universal size
  • Hair can breathe
  • Prevents drying
  • Exceptionally lightweight and comfortable
  • Ball point tipped, NYLON teeth
  • Delicately massages scalp
  • Prevents frizz

With Antistatic-Ion-Technology, the brush prevents frizz during styling. Hair is protected from intense, harmful tearing and pulling. Hair cuticles remain sealed, which maintains optimum moisture level and makes hair smooth and touchably soft.

Result: Well brushed, smooth and radiantly shiny hair.

We recommend using other Olivia Garden accessories, which complete hair styling and provide the perfect finish.