Matrix - TOTAL RESULTS - Mega Sleek - Conditioner | 300 ml.

The conditioner is intended for care of coarse, unruly and hard to style hair. It is designed for use both at home and professionally. It contains no ingredients which weight down and, as a result, can be used every day.

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  • Professionele merken
  • Concurrerende prijzen
  • Verkoop alleen aan professionals
  • Efficiënt voorraadbeheer

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300 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Gives you control over your styling
  • Smooths hair surface
  • Prevents frizz when exposed to moisture
  • Moisturises and adds shiny brilliance
  • Reinforces and fills cavities

It contains shea butter which has nourishing and regenerative properties. What is more, it moisturises hair over its entire length, making it smooth and shiny. The content of ceramides guarantees repair of damage in hair structure and improvement of resistance to external factors.

How to use: Apply the conditioner to damp hair which was previously washed with the Mega Sleek shampoo. Smooth gently with your hands, then rinse thoroughly.

Result: Moisturised, strengthened and silky smooth and soft hair.

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