CHI - ROSE HIP OIL - Protecting Conditioner | 340 ml.

The CHI Rose Hip Oil conditioner is dedicated for colour-treated hair. The CHI Rose Hip Oil formula is sulphate- and paraben-free.

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340 ml.

Meer informatie

  •        Accentuates colour and illuminates
  •        Prevents fading and loss of shine
  •        Effectively smooths hair cuticles
  •        Protects from frizz and brittleness
  •        Safe low pH
  •        Does not weigh hair down

Contains wild rose hip oil which moisturises hair protecting it from losing moisture while making it resistant to harmful external factors. Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants prevent colour from fading as a result of harmful free radicals. Additionally, silk perfectly smooths hair

How to use: Massage the conditioner into wet hair from mid-lenght to the tips. Rinse thoroughly.

Result: Smooth, moisturised and repaired hair. Makes colour last longer.

It is recommended to use with the other CHI Rose Hip Oil products to complement your daily hair care.

Farouk CHI is a brand owned by Farouk Systems, the manufacturer of the world-known BioSilk beauty products. The brand was named after its founder – the stylist Farouk Shami. CHI includes professional hair care, styling and colouring products as well as styling tools. The brand is distinguished by innovation – Farouk is leading in implementation of nanotechnology in the manufacturing process.