Goldwell - VITENSITY Gloss Care neutraliser | 1000 ml.

Goldwell Vitensity Gloss Care neutraliser is a suplementary product to Goldwell Vitensity Well perming lotion. The neutraliser helps to maintain the hair good condition despite their intensive structure transformation.

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1000 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Sets and hold the curls
  • Provides even looking curls effect
  • Preserves the hair flexibility and elasticity
  • Gently smoothens the hair
  • Has a subtle, pleasant smell

The Vitensity range contains the Carrier System, which helps the product get to hard to reach areas of the hair. Additionally, the integrated coenzyme Q10 facilitates the product absorption and the Gloss Care complex smoothness the hair and adds a shine.

How to use: Apply the neutralizer on damp hair after washing the perming lotion. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Follow with a hair conditioner.

Result: Set, flexible and even looking curls.

To perform the permanent curls, we recommend using Goldwell Vitensity Well perming lotion.

Goldwell brand has been founded in Germany over 60 years ago. Currently Goldwell is part of Kao Salon Division and the brand is well known and trusted within hairdressing industry. The products are innovative and focused to hairdressers, but at the same time they safe to use by individuals. The brand offers a wide portfolio of hair care products.