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BIODERMA Global SEBIUM Anti-acne face cream | 30 ml.

Bioderma Global Sebium is a daily care product for acne-prone skin and skin with heavy acne.The Bioderma Sebium formula can be used as a supplement to dermatological treatment or after treatment to maintain good skin condition.Gently perfumed

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30 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Removes blackheads
  • Heals acne
  • Prevents recurrence
  • Protects against skin inflammation
  • Brightens and soothes irritated skin
  • Prevents scarring
  • Excellent as a make-up base
  • Does not clog pores

It contains Bakuchiol, a vitamin E substitute, which is missing in the sebum of acne skin. The FLUIDACTIV complex regulates the sebaceous glands and prevents blackhead formation and acne. Salicylic and citric acids smooth and brighten the skin, while zinc gluconate and enoxolon relieve redness and inflammation. In addition, glycerine and lactic acid esters ensure optimal hydration.

How to use: Apply on thoroughly cleansed, dry face. Avoid contact with eyes.

Result: Soothed, radiant, smooth skin. Prevents excessive oiliness, acne and inflammation.

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Bioderma is a brand founded in 1970. Its distinguishing, innovative approach to the development of products is that they should mimic the natural bio-mechanisms occurring in the skin. Bioderma’s dermocosmetics contain safe ingredients only, suitable for all types of skin and fighting its problems effectively.