Goldwell STRUCTURE + SHINE - AGENT 1 softening cream | 1-Regular | 400 gr.

Structure + Shine permanent straightening treatment has been created by the cooperation of German and Japanese scientists. It provides secure and effective hair straightening, smoothing of hair structure and spectacular shine

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400 gram

Meer informatie

The treatment can be performed on any hair type, from colour-treated to naturally curly, thin or resistant. The line includes: protection (introductory treatment), softening cream, neutralizing cream and optimizer (providing protection).

Agent 1 Structur + Shine softening cream is designed to soften hair's internal structure, to loosen the curl of curly hair and facilitate strand smoothing. It has various strength levels, to adapt the intensity of the product to a specific hair structure. The possibility to choose the product's intensity means that the treatment is conducted under full control.

  • Level 1 Regular- for normal, thin and natural hair.
  • Softening cream for permanent hair straightening
  • For professional use only
  • Easy and comfortable application
  • 4 strength levels
  • Excellent results
  • Various intensity colours for easier recognition
  • Possibility to mix and adapt to all hair types

Integrated Amino-Oleo-Lipid Complex introduces amino acids, Kukui nut oil and deeply nourishing Intralipids, providing the effect of nourished, shiny hair. The Rebond Control Complex helps the product penetrate hair giving even texture.

How to use: Divide hair into 6 sections. Apply to hair quickly and evenly using the brush and comb provided. The product cannot have direct contact with scalp. Comb hair delicately and carefully. Cover hair with plastic foil. Depending on hair structure keep on hair from 5 to 60 minutes, in the meantime perform a "knot test" every 2-10 minutes (according to the table included in the instructions). Rinse with warm water for 5-10 minutes and towel-dry.

Result: Permanently straight hair for longer, without need to straighten and damage hair every day.