Cutting comb 128CC

The 128CC comb was designed to comb hair effectively and quickly during a haircut. The mixed spacing of teeth works well for thorough detangling and separation of individual hair strands. The comb is suitable for hair of any type and length and makes it easier to divide hair into sections.

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Meer informatie

It has two types of teeth: small, narrow teeth to precisely separate smaller strands and widely spaced teeth for cutting larger strands. This model has a separate tooth at the end for separating hair.

Advantages of the comb:

  • Made of the best quality durable material: carbon fibre
  • Heat resistant up to 230oC
  • Lightweight and handy, comfortable to use
  • Prevents hair static
  • Releases negative ions that make hair shiny
  • Its rounded teeth are gentle to the scalp and do not damage hair
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Teeth of variable thickness and spacing
  • Size  31 x 5 x 208mm