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Goldwell - TEXTURIZER Stabilizer Mix 1-4 permanent styling | 500 ml.

Goldwell Texturizer Stabilizer is the last step in permanent hair styling. The Goldwell stabilizer fixes and holds the hair structure and emphasizes their shape. The treatment is recommended for short and medium length hair.

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500 ml.

Meer informatie

  • Stabilizes and fixes the hair after the hair permanent treatment
  • Strengthens the hair structure
  • Increases the volume
  • Lifts the hair at their roots
  • Provides a natural movement

Goldwell Texturizer Stabilizer has a comfortable, liquid formula, which is easy to mix with water. The contained active ingredients penetrate the hair fibres, leaving them fuller and more structured. .

How to use: Combine a stabilizer with water in the ratio of 1: 4 (100 ml stabilizer and 400 ml of water). Apply the 2/3 of mixture on the hair in rollers, and after removing the hair rollers, use the remaining liquid. Rinse thoroughly.

Result: Lifted, volumized and naturally structured hairstyle

To perform a permanent styling treatment it is necessary to use Texturizer P (for porous hair) or N (for normal hair).

Goldwell brand has been founded in Germany over 60 years ago. Currently Goldwell is part of Kao Salon Division and the brand is well known and trusted within hairdressing industry. The products are innovative and focused to hairdressers, but at the same time they safe to use by individuals. The brand offers a wide portfolio of hair care products.