Kerastase Discipline Morpho-Keratine Fluidissime Spray | 150 ml.

Unique new generation spray with a carefully designed formula. Protects hair structure against the negative effects of heat styling. Makes styling easy. 

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150 ml.

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The technologically innovative Morpho-Keratine Complex guarantees silky smoothness, softness and the effect of natural hair movement. The conditioner spray encloses hair with a hydrophobic film which permanently protects it against the effects of moisture: frizz and twisting hair strands. Provides hair with a dose of strength and energy by reinforcing the intercellular cement in the hair structure. Spectacular shine, perfectly smooth style and a natural look.

Morpho-Keratine Complex:
- amino acids and wheat protein derivatives give energy and strength

- Ceramide R regenerates hair structure

- surface polymer provides an anti-frizz effect

- cationic polymers guarantees bouncy, perfectly radiant and smoothed hair

How to use: Shake before use. Apply to dry or damp hair. Style as normal.

Kerastase is a popular brand of professional hair care products. Its luxury products improve hair’s condition and visibly beautify any hair type. The Kerastase institutes are located in many countries of the world providing their clients with a unique, personalised care. The Resistance line is designed for weak hair that is damaged due to exposure to external factors.