Matrix - BIOLAGE - Scalptherapie Anti Hair Loss Tonic | 10 x 6 ml.

Biolage Scalptherapie Anti Hair Loss Tonic is an intensive treatment containing Aminexil aimed against hair loss.

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Matrix Biolage
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Meer informatie

The treatment contains patented particle Aminexil, in order to extend hair vitality and to stimulate the scalp. Technologically advanced particle counteracts collagen stiffness. Stiffened collagen presses on the hair follicle causing hair fall hence permanent hair loss.

Clinical studies reveal that after merely 6 weeks of application, the treatment reduces hair fall up to 5%. The treatment leaves your hair naturally soft, smooth and full of volume.


Intensive treatment: 1 ampule a day for 6-8 weeks.
Supportive treatment: minimum 3 ampules a week for 8 weeks.

To get the best possible effect the treatment series should be repeated twice a year in the periods of intensified hair fall in connection to changes of year seasons.

Volume: 10 x 6 ml

Application/How to use:
Apply onto the scalp to dry or washed and towel dried hair. Spread the content of a single ampule at hair roots using the applicator. Massage gently the content into the hair scalp, strand by strand.
Do not rinse, style as desired.