Alfaparf Ultra Concentrated Hair Pigments | 90 ml.

Alfaparf Pigments are a breakthrough innovation in colour personalization during any salon and home care treatments. Pigments can be used for colouring, care, hair makeover treatments and styling to emphasize colour, create new, personalized shades, revive highlight, correct unwanted tones.

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  • Efficiënt voorraadbeheer

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Meer informatie

It can also be mixed with any shampoo or mask to refresh the colour between the dyes. Pure pigments provide the possibility of simultaneous keratin hair straightening and colouring treatments.

  • Pure, concentrated pigments
  • Breakthrough in colour personalization
  • Possibility to mix with styling products
  • Emphasize colour and revive highlights
  • Only for professional use
  • Extend durability of dyed hair
  • Correct unwanted tones
  • The pigments can be blended together
  • Very efficient and convenient to use
  • Can be combined with keratin hair strengthening

Pure, concentrated pigments are compatible with both alkaline and acidic environments. As a result, pigments can be mixed with all salon treatments to personalize services by adding colour.

How to use: Squeeze the entire contents to a shampoo of the Pigments series. Screw the cap on and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds. Pigments can be combined to create the perfect shade of colour. Pigments can also be added to the mask of the same series and mixed with the spatula attached to a uniform consistency / colour. In addition, pigments can be added to care, styling and colouring products in order to: refresh colour - add pigment to ampoules, a mixture of ampoules and mask in a proportion of 2 g of pigment to 20 g of care product; the pigment is added to the mask or conditioner - in a proportion of 2 g of pigment to 20 g of care product (developing time on the hair is 2/3 min). We can create new shades - pigment are added to the dye - in the proportion of 60 g of the dye. To add shine to hair - add pigment to the water - in a proportion of 2 g of pigment to 20 g of water. When you dye you hair for the first time - the pigment is added to the mask or conditioner - in a proportion of 2 g of pigment to 20 g of care product (development time on the hair is 30/40 min). The product should be applied to damp hair using gloves. Distribute evenly.

Result: Refreshed and revitalized hair colour, full of healthy shine.

In order to achieve the best results, due to the similar composition and properties, it is recommended to use with other products in the same range.

Alfaparf Milano is a leading Italian multinational manufacturer of professional, exclusive hair color, hair care and styling products. It was found in 1980 by Roberto Franchina who decides to invest in quality products to achieve a professional result for all hair types. Thanks to their properties, the Alfaparf products provides shine, softness and protect your hair colour.