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BIODERMA ATODERM Huile De Douche Moisturizing shower and bath oil 1000ml

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Détails du produit

1000 ml.

Plus d'information

Oil Bioderma Atoderm is perfect for the care of dry, very dry, irritated and atopic skin. It is suitable for adults, children and babies from 1st day of life.Bioderma Atoderm oil is gently perfumed, but it is perfectly tolerated by the skin and does not irritate the eyes. Does not contain soap, preservatives or artificial dyes.

  • Gently cleanses
  • Intensively nourishes and moisturises for 24 hours.
  • Leaves a protective layer on the skin
  • Replaces body lotion
  • Protects against the entry of allergens
  • Strengthens saprophytic skin flora
  • Creamy consistency
  • Does not clog pores

Contains the Skin Barrier Therapy complex, which protects against factors that dehydrate the skin and restores its protective barrier. It also protects against the entry of bacteria into the skin. PP vitamin also stimulates lipid synthesis and permanently restores the skin's protective barrier.

How to use: Massage the oil into wet skin and then rinse. Use daily. Then apply the selected Atoderm body lotion.

Result: Cleansed, moisturised, nourished and strengthened skin.

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Bioderma is a brand founded in 1970. Its distinguishing, innovative approach to the development of products is that they should mimic the natural bio-mechanisms occurring in the skin. Bioderma’s dermocosmetics contain safe ingredients only, suitable for all types of skin and fighting its problems effectively.