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MATRIX TR DARK ENVY Neutralizing mask 500ml

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Inhoud500 ml.

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Do you know this feeling when your hair gets unwanted reflections after dyeing and you want to quickly neutralize the color of the strands? It is worth matching the appropriate shade of the mask to color-treated hair, thanks to which we will cool down warm tones and enjoy a perfect hairstyle again! It is worth choosing a MATRIX mask.

How does the MATRIX neutralizing mask work?

  •          It cools down unwanted warm tones visible on dark colored hair,
  •          Moisturizes,
  •          Cares and protects the color,
  •          Smoothes,
  •          Simple to use,
  •          Provides an immediate effect,
  •          Intended for dark brown hair,
  •          Not recommended for gray and bleached strands (it may leave green reflections).

How to use: After washing your hair with shampoo from the same series, apply a neutralizing mask to wet hair (wearing protective gloves) and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat once a week.
Cool-toned hair without unwanted yellow highlights.

Discover the entire series of MATRIX hair cosmetics to professionally care for your strands and add shine to them every day.

Matrix Professional is a world-renowned brand of professional hairdressing cosmetics that provide care and styling for all types of hair. The product lines dedicated to permanently giving a specific structure to the hair have a multidirectional effect: at the same time preserving the styling effect and preventing the overall condition of the hair from deteriorating.