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OLIVIA GARDEN FINGER BRUSH Love Rose Gold boar bristle hair brush

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If you're looking for professional hair care accessories, remember that the basics come first. Detangling the strands - that's how you start your day and styling. If you have a good, high-quality brush, you can perform a scalp massage with it and brush out tangled strands without discomfort or tearing out the strands. This is what the OLIVIA GARDEN brush with boar bristles is like in a beautiful, gold-inspired edition.

How does the OLIVIA GARDEN brush with boar bristles work?

  •          Facilitates detangling the strands,
  •          Does not tangle or tear the hair,
  •          It has an appropriate profile, thanks to which it adheres well to the scalp,
  •          Thanks to the appropriate holes, the air flow speeds up the drying time,
  •          Wild bristles intertwined with nylon needles provide optimal comfort when detangling even very problematic hair,
  •          Counteracts static electricity in the strands,
  •          It has a designer look and a beautiful gold color.

Usage: The brush is perfect for dry and wet combing of hair and for styling with a dryer.

Result: Well-groomed hair, without irritation and unnecessarily torn out strands.

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Olivia Garden is a professional manufacturer of brushes and combs for modeling and styling hair. They are made of high-quality materials, and are also distinguished by innovative construction and production technology. In addition to the fact that they facilitate hair styling, they also take care of their condition and prevent damage to their structure.